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A monthly networking event bringing together mums in business who wish to inspire and be inspired


Meet Sophia and Diane

Events Inspired By

It was during a NATWEST Women In Business event that Diane and Sophia, after presenting their 1 minute pitches, realised that they had a professional connection.

"We recognised that with our personalities and skills, we would be a good fit for one another in terms of supporting each other as well as collaborating with each other which has resulted in us forming a limited company together. However, what also drew us together is that we were not only women with a mission to be successful in our businesses, but also that we are mothers. We were therefore empathetic of the challenges that are faced when you are a mother who is trying to run and business whilst raising a busy but happy household. Having someone to almost hold your hand through the struggles and be your confidant as well as accountability partner is definitely something that we are fortunate to have. Bringing our creative minds and innovative ideas together, we wanted to be an example of the power of collaboration, especially as it has worked so well for us within a short amount of time. Too often we hear solopreneurs talk about the difficulties of running a business alone. But who says that you have to? I think that we have proven that.

We were lucky enough that we both had a passion also for running events, so it was a no brainer that our joint venture would be an events management company. We both like to think outside of the box and are often in awe of the ideas that we are able to generate between us.

As part of our events company, we wanted to develop a networking event for women, just like you, who are in business and give you the opportunity to work collaboratively with other like minded women in the same way that we have and really develop your business.


what we do

Remembering that no woman is an island, running regular networking events enables us to support you as a woman in business and create greater opportunities for collaborations.

Let's take a look at just some of the benefits of being in the Inspired By Mums Club:

  • Monthly meeting

  • Learn from powerful speakers - stay current with trends and sharpen your skills

  • Private Facebook group - a supportive community of like minded women

  • Masterminding sessions - get fresh ideas and solutions for your business

  • Accountbility partners - helping you to reach your goals

  • HAVE FUN! - make some amazing connections and amazing friends


Prior to starting their businesses, Sophia and Diane both experienced the struggles of trying to have a successful career whilst running a household.

Sophia had a successful retail management career spanning over 12 years, but not without setbacks.

“When I returned to work from my first maternity leave, I found that I had been forgotten and all my hard work, ideas and initiatives had been rebranded as others ideas. My career trajectory came to a halt and I no longer had the bright future I was once promised.  

8 years later I found myself in my dream retail management job. I won awards and had a promising career. Again, I announced my pregnancy and was removed from my role immediately. I never saw my team and role again. I was forced to go on early maternity leave and I sank into a deep depression and could no longer see my self-worth, nor my accomplishments. With the support of my family I went and seeked help from Brent Talks. Brent Talks helped me find myself and my joy again. Which gave me the confidence to start my own business. I then purchased a Not Just Travel franchise and haven’t looked back.  With their guidance and support, I have been trading for the past year and growing my business day by day. Networking has played a large part in my day to day development as it has enabled me to grow in confidence as well as seek out new opportunities.”

Diane experienced the difficulties that are faced when trying to achieve an ideal home and work life.

“I don't believe that there can ever be a true equilibrium however whilst having a successful career as a teacher for over 15 years, it then became a real struggle trying to continue with what was my passion for many years after falling pregnant with with my third child. I was time-starved and overwhelmed with trying to do it all and I just lost my mojo. What I also experienced is the lack of quality time that I was able to spend with my family. Contrary to what many believe, teaching is a very demanding job that can leave you feeling burnt out.

I knew that after having my third child I needed to rethink my career path if I was to feel happy again. I had always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur and I knew that I had to make it happen. What I realised is that when you have been in a career for so long, you often forget about the many skills and qualities that you have acquired. So it took me a while to try and marry them up with a new career that I would be passionate about doing. Once I worked that out,  I made the bold decision to leave teaching along with the secure and comfortable wage I was receiving and took a risk on myself. I did all of this whilst my youngest was only a few months old. So, now, along with running the events company with Sophia, I also run a personal concierge service for busy ad time-starved people, as I know what it’s like not to have enough quality time doing the things that you love. Whilst it hasn't been an easy journey, with a great support network I have turned my dreams into a reality.”